Collection: Adventure Eyewear

Ziel Adventure Eyewear is the name of the line of sports sunglasses which are meticulously engineered for a wide array of outdoor activities. With over 40 years of dedication, we have been constantly improving our products to safeguard and enhance the visual acuity of athletes, pioneering optical technologies tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each sportsperson.

Our innovative sunglass lenses are designed to seamlessly adapt to every eye type. They integrate solar filters that shield against the deleterious effects of various light radiations, eliminating bothersome reflections, enhancing contrast, and providing comprehensive ocular protection. Our products are scrupulously crafted to promote visual well-being and overall health.

Ziel sports sunglasses are crafted from hypoallergenic, certified materials that are skin-safe. Their TR-90 frames combine elasticity with durability, while the skin-contacting components are made from silicone to prevent skin irritation.