Collection: X-Pro & H-Pro Binoculars

Ziel designs, produces, and distributes a wide range of binoculars and sports optics designed to meet any need.
The Pro Series boasts a selection of high-level binoculars, designed to meet the requirements of advanced users. This line stands out for its Italian design, high optical and mechanical quality, reliability, durability and the portability compared to the other high-end Ziel binoculars.

The X-Pro series binoculars are optimized to combine lightness with a wide-aperture lens. Thanks to the “Open Hinge” system, there is a significant reduction in mechanical weight. This results in powerful and manageable binoculars, easily portable, even in the 42mm version.

The H-Pro series excels in compactness. Their dual-hinge structure minimizes the binoculars' volume, allowing them to be easily stored in a technical trouser pocket, backpack, or car glove compartment. They are ideal to carry with you at all times, ready for use in any situation.