Collection: CAI - Trekking Eyewear

Ziel's long experience in the optics sector and the collaboration of over 20 years with the Italian Alpine Club has led to the creation of high quality mountain glasses, designed for the most demanding enthusiasts.

The CAI Trekking Eyewear line is designed to deliver maximum performance and meet high-quality standards and solar radiation shielding, making them suitable for all weather and light conditions.

• The IR-Proof Lenses, made exclusively for the CAI eyewear line, filter 100% of UV rays and also shield infrared rays, preventing eye strain after long exposures and keeping the vision fresh and rested.
• The UV-Polar lenses eliminate unwanted reflections and glare.
• The Z-Vario photochromic lenses adapt to every light condition.

The CAI Trekking Sunglasses are designed in Italy and tested and used by mountain guides and lovers of the mountains.